LIPTOR is the most complete and powerful pre-workout. Increases disposition in training and muscle strength. This action is due to the combination of L-carnitine, caffeine, tyrosine and chromium.


The L-carnitine allied to the regular practice of physical activities, helps our body to transform the fat into energy, and thus to have more disposition to train with intensity, besides helping in the weight loss.

Caffeine acts as a great stimulant for sports practices, of all modalities, in addition to increasing muscle strength and potentiating fat burning. It is also capable of minimize fatigue and exhaustion after workouts.

Tyrosine when consumed before training, slows down fatigue and stimulates physical activity. As a consequence, the results are seen in performance and also after training, promoting a better definition of muscles over time.

Chromium favors the gain of muscle mass, improves the lipid profile, increases the loss of body fat and helps in inhibiting the formation of fat deposits.

Benefits and Highlights:

• Increased energy and better physical performance
• Improves endurance and muscle fatigue
• Fat Oxidation
• Suppressor of appetite
• Extreme acceleration of metabolism
• Maximum abdomen definition